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About Moonshot Marketers

Who We Are

Moonshot Marketers was founded by Keagan Wernicke, digital marketer, and seasoned entrepreneur. Together, we are a team of hustlers, founders, and marketers focused on delivering results. Since most of our team have either founded our own business(es) or have worked in a fast-paced tech startup environments, you can count on us to be able to adapt to a quickly changing marketing environment and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tactics, and know-how. You can also expect us to bring the same hustler mentality we've used to grow our own businesses to yours. 


Above all else,

We promise to always operate on three guiding principles:


1. RELIABILITY - In our view, it's not enough to just drive stellar performance. To us, keeping our promises is just as important, even the small ones. Because of this, we strive to always be on time for every meeting, and to keep you in the loop with clear communication. We do our best to set expectations and projections as accurately as we can, and you can count on us to take deadlines and estimates very seriously. 


2. RESPECT - For each other, our peers, the competition, and especially you, our client. We've worked with clients ranging from small mom and pop shops to hyper-growth startups well into their Series C. Regardless of where you fall, you're giving us an enormous responsibility by letting us manage your budgets. We promise to give you our best work.


3. ROI - The goal of marketing is to turn a profit. While this goes without saying, many are quick to forget this. We'll never try to sell you on immeasurable or intangible "value" that our campaigns are supposedly bringing to you. Our job is to make you a profit. Plain and simple. We are an ROI-focused agency.

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